About Me

Want to know about me?

Hi! I’m Vijaya Lakshmi, a postgraduate in Aeronautical Engineering, a blogger, and a freelance writer. The precious gift in my life is my little Munchkin Dhanush Yohan.

I started working as an Assistant professor after my postgraduate in Aeronautical engineering for three years. Throughout my teaching career, I found out that a strong voice in helping my students with self-motivation. This instinct trigged me to start blogging on self-motivation!

About Me

What to expect from Social Media Wishes?

We are all in a transition world where we don’t even find time to spend with our loved ones. There are times when we may run out of words to express feelings.

In social media wishes, you may find unique quotes and wishes for your loved ones and content for your social media posts!

What else about me? I love to nurture young souls with self-motivation.

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