Fathers are our first love and the last hero of our lives. Fathers are special. While we recommend telling them this all year long, we also have a specific day set aside to celebrate all that they add to our lives. They act as not only our parents but also take on the mantle of our mentor, guide, friend and cheerleader. Parents can’t always be there for us when we need them most. But fathers are there for us every day. It’s time to show how much you love them by honoring their achievements in your own way! In this article you will find Fathers day wishes and quotes. Share this with your father and express your love towards him. 

They teach us strength in silence and since the value of a loving father has no price, it is commemorated on the third Sunday of June as Father’s Day. First proposed in 1909 to complement Mother’s Day celebrations, this holiday is an opportunity to show your dad how much he means to you and how much he has shaped your life. So, It is a day to share Fathers day wishes to your beloved father. 

History of Fathers day

In 1910, at the Spokane YMCA in Washington State, Sonora Smart Dodd founded Father’s Day. That year, Father’s Day was celebrated on June 19th—the anniversary of the death of Anna Jarvis, who had founded Mother’s Day in honour of her late mother. Sonora heard about this celebration and suggested that there should be something similar for fathers as well.

Sonora’s father, William Jackson Smart, was a civil war veteran and single parent from Arkansas. He raised six children. Sonora hoped that Father’s Day celebrations would be held on June 5, her father’s birthday, but Church time constraints pushed the celebration back to the third Sunday of June.

Significance of Fathers day

On Father’s Day, children show their appreciation and respect for fathers who play an important role in their lives. They understand the importance of fathers in society and appreciate the contribution they make to their own families.

Children make or buy presents for their fathers, write cards, spend the day engaging in activities that are enjoyable with their fathers. Since most children have a closer bond with their mothers, this day helps forge a closer relationship with one’s father. Father’s Day is a celebration of fathers, honoring fatherhood and paternal bonds; it also encompasses the role that fathers play in society.

Fathers day Wishes

Wishing you a happy Father’s Day, Dad! You’re the best dad ever—and always will be. I hope we’re laughing about your jokes and giving you hugs today.

Fathers day Wishes

Happy Father’s Day to the coolest dad in the world! So many wonderful things about you that make you an outstanding father. Lots of love on this special day.


Happy Father’s Day to my dad, who always has more to give. Your endless love and dedication make you a wonderful father. I hope you have a special day.


You’ve been there through my highs and lows, but always made me feel like I could soar! Happy Father’s Day from your daughter.


You’ve always been there for me. I can’t imagine life without you, Father! Happy Father’s Day to this wonderful man who has made me so happy through and through.


Dear Father, thank you for being the best dad I could ever have. You are always there for me and I love you so much!


Today is your day. A day to celebrate and let you know how much you are appreciated and loved by me.

World Fathers day

Fathers Day Wishes and Slogans

Dad’s are son’s first hero and a daughter’s first love.

Fathers day quotes

The Day Designed for Dads


A father’s love is filled with all of his life.


A father’s love is felt beyond words.

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A dad would kneel to no one but for his child.


The great dad raises a greater father someday.


A better life is rooted from a father’s wisdom.


Dad Jokes Are The Best Medicine

We Deserve The Best, You Deserve Some Rest


Dad’s ‘Yes’ Matters Less When Mom’s Says ‘No’

Father’s Day Quotes

“You can tell what was the best year of your father’s life, because they seem to freeze that clothing style and ride it out.” – Jerry Seinfeld


“No one in this world can love a girl more than her father.” – Michael Ratnadeepak


“It doesn’t matter who my father was; it matters who I remember he was.” – Anne Sexton


“When my father didn’t have my hand, he had my back.” – Linda Poindexter


“Fathers, be good to your daughters. You are the god and the weight of her world.” – John Mayer


“For every dream that has taken flight, there’s a father who believed.” – Jennifer Fujita


“They go beyond. They go above. Fathers have mastered how to love.” – Keion Jackson

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“The best gift a man can give to the world is to be a good father.” – Renee Daniels


“A father is the perfect blend of superhero, coach, and friend.” – Jeannie Hund


“A dad makes sure all his campers are happy campers.” – Bill Whitehead


“Being a father isn’t always clear skies and smooth sailing. But every bit of the journey, the ups and downs and in-betweens, makes it an even more meaningful adventure.” – Courtney Taylor


“A father grows dreams, each one a seed planted deep in the hearts of his children.” – Mercedes Lucero


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