Every year on May 15th, United Nations observes the International Family Day  worldwide, since 1994.

Every human being is born into a family. Some get the privilege to live with their family. On another hand, others don’t even get the opportunity to live with their family. When you ask someone with no family, they know the importance of the families than the others do. Families act as the center stage for any relationship. They are the essential source of affection and encouragement.  

A healthy society is formed by healthy families. 

History of International day of families

In the early 1980’s United Nation started noticing the rise in family issues. Economic and Social Council, which is the commission for Social Development requested the secretary-general of the united nations to notice the raise in the family issues. They even demanded the secretary General raise the awareness of the public problems that every family face to live a sustainable life. 

The General assembly of the United Nations was invited by the Economic and Social Council on 29th May 1985 for the resolution 1985/29. The agenda of 41 sessions, is entitled 

“Families in the Development Process”

By accepting the request the Secretary-General of the United Nations initiated the process of global awareness among the families. This issue from United Nations was circulated to various Governments, intergovernmental and non-governmental organizations, and even for public opinion.

By following the various resolutions on 9th December 1989, resolution 44/82 was proclaimed by the General Assembly of the United Nations as The International Year of Families. As per the resolution A/RES/47/237, the General Assembly of the United Nations announced the 

Every year on May 15, the International Day of Families will be observed.   

Since the 1996 year, the UN is also providing the theme for the International Day of Families

Significance of International Family Day

This day creates the opportunity to promote awareness of the raise of family issues, which also disturbs society as a whole. 

It even increases the knowledge of various factors like social, economic, and demographic processes which affect the calmness of the families. 

 On September 25, 2015, the 193 member states of the United Nations unanimously approved the Sustainable Development Goals. These goals are designed to end poverty and hunger while promoting equality and economic growth in all countries.

The importance of the International Family Day is to achieve the family and family-oriented policies to reach the respective families without any hurdles. 

The theme for International Family Day 2022

United Nations announced the theme for International Day of Families 2022 as

Families and Urbanization

This theme aims to raise awareness of urbanization. It even showcases the importance of sustainable living among the families, and also family-friendly urban policies.

In the recent decade, the process of urbanization sky rocked. It even shapes the world and also the well-being of families of the whole world.

The other objective of this theme is

  • Aiming to end the poverty in all forms
  • Providing good health and well being for all the families
  • Making cities inclusive for sustainability, safe and resilient.
  • Reducing inequality and discrimination within and among countries.

International Family Day Wishes

The family is the cradle of happiness. It is nothing but the cornerstone of a fulfilling life. Happy International day of families!

International family day wishes

The bond of family can bring us joy and pain—but it is always there for us to lean on. Happy International Family Day!

International Day of families wishes

Families are wonderful because we love and appreciate one another. Let’s express our love today. Happy International Family Day!

International day of families 2022

Everyone needs a house to live in, but a supportive family is what makes that house feel like home. Family is the foundation of a home. Happy international family day to all the families!

International day of families theme

A happy family is the facilitator of the greatest happiness in life!

family day 2022

Family is the only place where a person can create and nurture something entirely on their own. Happy international family day!

Family is the hope, strength, and reason for happiness that helps you endure difficult circumstances. Happy family day to all my family members!

On this International Family day let us pledge ourselves to create a big family without any detestation. Let us create the opportunity for our children to learn the values of families!

We all have our moments of frustration with family members, but a day spent together can help us put aside our differences and strengthen the bonds that hold us together. so learn to respect the families.

There is no more precious gift than the love of your family. Love them, respect them, and treasure them. On International Family Day, let’s remember the importance of family. 

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