National Technology Day is memorialized every year on 11th May in India. It is a day set aside to acknowledge the work of scientists and engineers in India who have developed and innovated over the years. This day is being celebrated not just by them but also by all those who are associated with envisaging, constituting, and facilitating the dissemination of knowledge, and information. 

This day creates the opportunity to celebrate and respect the innovation of our scientists. National Technology day marks the historic achievements of our ever-growing relationship with technology. On this day let us express our gratitude to the scientists for the valuable role that they play in our lives in shaping the future.  This day even nudges technological developments and achievements.

History of National Technology Day

National Technology Day is celebrated in remembrance of the Pokhran nuclear tests on May 11th, 1998.

Pokhran nuclear tests are a series of five nuclear explosions, which were conducted by India in May 1998. In early days Pokhran nuclear tests were called as Shakti-I, later it was renamed as Pokhran nuclear tests. These nuclear explosions were carried out in Pokhran a village in Rajasthan. The main objective of this test was to show the capability of India in the nuclear field. These nuclear tests were initiated on May 11th, 1998. The first three nuclear explosions took place on May 11th, 1998. The other two explosions took place on May 13th, 1998.

Former President Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam, known as India’s ‘Missile Man’ for his work in developing the country’s missile program, spearheaded the Pokhran tests.

Former Prime Minister Atal Bihari Vajpayee initiated the celebration of National Technology Day on May 11th every year, to commemorate the scientific and technological accomplishments of Indian scientists, and engineers.


The significant reason for National Technology day is to celebrate the India’s victory in nuclear field. By Pokhran nuclear tests India was considered as one of the elite nations with full fledged nuclear power. 

In addition to this, on May 11th , India also tested its first indigenous aircraft, the Hansa-3. After testing the Hansa-3, India performed a successful test firing of the Trisula missile on the same day. This elevated the status of the Defense Research and Development Organization.

The Technology Development Board of India presents awards each year to scientists whose innovations have contributed to the country’s growth. The President of India presides over the event, delivering a speech and conferring the awards.

National Technology day Theme

Every year Technology development board will announce a specific theme for the celebration of National technology day. This year the theme is

“Promoting Avenues for Growth through Technological Innovations”

With the growing importance of technological innovation, our country continues to strive hard towards greater heights. The mission aims to make India a major player in technological advancements and become one of the top ranked countries on the global map of technological achievement.

National Technology Day Wishes

Creativity comes with the human imagination, which is evident in technological advancements. Happy National Technology day!

National Technology day 2022 Wishes

Technology and art are both manifestations of the extraordinary human imagination. On this National Technology day lets us celebrate the minds of extraordinary people!

Technology day wishes

Technological innovation is the relentless drive to change our world in new and better ways.

National Technology Day Theme

Modern technology has become so pervasive that it has reshaped our social lives and culture. Happy National Technology day!

May 11 th events

All human activity is driven by the need to be efficient. Never forget to upgrade your knowledge on technology. Happy National Technology day!

11th May technology day wishes

Technology is a double-edged sword. Know to use it on the correct way to help people. Happy National Technology Day!

When is national technology day celebrated

Technology and Science empowers people.

National technology day Wishes

Technology is a constantly evolving field, and the products that result from it help us to improve our lives in ways we never thought possible.

National Technology Day

The pursuit of knowledge knows no boundaries, because knowledge belongs to all people, and is the light that illuminates our lives.

The desire to know is one of the greatest human attributes, and science is a great tool for advancing knowledge.

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