Athletics is a sport which is played by millions all around the world. The World Athletics Day event will be celebrated in May every year. The International Amateur Athletics Federation will provide a press release at the end of April or in the first week of may to notify the specific date for World Athletics day. World Athletics Day for 2022 will be celebrated on the 7th of May. 

History of World Athletics Day

World Athletics Day first commenced in 1996. It was themed around the Centennial edition of the Olympic Games in Atlanta.

During that event, they selected two boys and two girls from Continental areas including Africa, Asia, Europe, Oceania, South America, North-Central America, and the Caribbean. Then the chosen lucky winners were invited by the International Federation to attend the Atlanta Olympics. This method was repeated for the following five years since the commencement of the first World Athletics day. The lucky winners attended IAAF World Championships in Athens (1997) and Seville (1999) and the World Cup in Athletics (Johannesburg 1998). Till now  International Amateur Athletics Federation (IAAF) has been following the same procedure to select the lucky winners. 

Later President Primo Nebiolo initiated the official World Athletics day in 2001. During its first year, around 147 countries participated in the event.

Objectives of World Athletics day

  • Raising public awareness about the youngies
  • To educate the youth with the necessity of athletics
  • on the other hand, it also promotes health goals among all the generations
  • The events on World Athletics day even establish the link between the nations without showing any discrimination towards others.

World Athletics day 2022 Theme

World Athletics Day for 2022 will be celebrated on the 7th of May. 

This year’s theme for world Athletics day is that the World athletics will celebrate it with the Kids. They have also launched new kids Athletics program, where various organizations all around the world will participate in the event. 

Significance of Athletics day

To encourage the children’s fitness, World Athletics organization believes that every child has the fundamental right to be born to move, play, and explore the world. 

At this event, the World Athletics organization aims to provide the necessary resources to all countries across the world through local organizations. 

The Kids Athletics organization designed all the activities to teach children how to move. These resources will even inspire the children to move more and to move together. The resources can be beneficial for schools and clubs. Even these resources are available free of cost at website. 

They aim to use the accessibility and power of athletics to create a healthier and fitter world than before. 

Events on World Athletics day

For this year’s World Athletics day, the organizers have planned a Mascot design competition. children of ages ranging from four to 14 can participate.

The World Athletics day mascot design competition will be closed at 12pm CEST on Friday 10 June 2022.

Winner selection criteria

The winners will be selected from three main age categories:

  • Children between ages 4-7
  • Children between the ages of 8-11
  • Age between 12 – 14.

One overall winner for the competition for each age category will be selected based on their design. 

Happy World Athletic Day Wishes

1. Sportsmanship is a virtue to be learned through example, not preached. Happy World Athletics day!

World athletics day 2022 quotes

2. Persistence is key, especially when you’re competing against someone who never gives up. Happy World Athletics day!

World Athletics Day

3. If you want to succeed, then you should not be afraid of failure. Let the athletes within you bloom! Happy World Athletics day!


4. The more you practice, the more you have the chance to enjoy your victory! Happy World Athletics day!

World Athletics Day 2022

5. On this World athletics day lets us pledge ourselves to keep our body and fit. Happy World Athletics day!

World Athletics Day 2022 Theme

6. There is an endless lesson to learn in the world of sports, so never quit before you complete learning. Happy World Athletics day!

World athletics day quotes


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