It is a crime to force children to work. It is also harmful to their development. To raise awareness and prevent child labor, the International Labour Organization created World Day Against Child Labour on June 12 of every year. The goal of this holiday is to raise awareness of child labor and also to help put an end to it. This holiday is sponsored by the International Labour Organization (ILO), which is part of the United Nations. The World Day against child labour 2022 is celebrated on June: 12th, Sunday. 

Child labour is the practice of employing children to work for wages. On June 12, the International Day Against Child Labour seeks to raise awareness of employers hiring child labourers. It also encourages people to speak against this social evil practice. This special day helps parents learn that hiring a child is morally and also legally wrong. Reports are stating that reports, this is the first time in about two decades that the world has seen a hike in child labour, and also millions more are vulnerable due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic situation.

World Day Against Child Labour 2022 Theme

This year’s theme for World Day Against Child Labour is Universal Social Protection to End Child Labour

This year’s theme for 2022 calls for increased investment in social protection systems and schemes to establish solid social protection floors, ensuring that all children are protected from child labor.

Despite significant progress in reducing child labour over the last two decades, progress has slowed during the period 2016-2020. Indeed, today, 160 million children are still engaged in child labour.

World Day Against Child Labour 2022: Wishes

On World Day Against Child Labour, let’s join hands against this crime that robs children of a happy childhood and also makes the world a dark place.


Let’s all work together to end child labor. This will ensure a brighter future for our children and create a better world for all of us.

Let’s work together to put an end to child labor! Say no to Child labour!


Let us celebrate World Day Against Child Labour by working together to improve the lives of children who are forced to work against their will.


On this world day against child labour day, let’s stand together to make sure that every child has a chance to go to school and learn things for a happier tomorrow.


No matter how rich you are, you can never be happy because seeing a child as a labourer hurts every soul…. Stand against Child Labour.

World Day Against Child Labour wishes

Each and every child has the right to good health, education, and protection. We the society have to reinforce expanding children’s opportunities in life.


All of us have the power to help ensure a brighter future for children who are forced to work in deplorable conditions. 


Children deserve the chance to be kids! Don’t make them vulnerable to the circumstances. Stand against child labour. 


On this World Day Against Child Labor, let’s make those children school-ready!

Slogans for Anti Child Labour day

Child labour is a part of social injustice.


Put an end to child labour!


Children should fill their minds instead of filling their pockets.


End child exploitation for a healthy nation.

World Day Against Child Labour slogans

Raise your hand for the kids.


Every child has the right to education!


Child labour is an ignominy. Stop child labour. 

Anti child labour slogans

Give the child a pencil, not a utensil. 


Allow them to earn knowledge, not the money!


Say yes to education for the children and big no to work.


Child labour is a kind of child abuse.

Stop child labour and protect children’s development.


Don’t be greedy; education is what they need.

Abolish child labour but instead nourish the child for the future.


Allow children to be kids.


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